Update to Fennel 0.3.2.
Update to fennel 0.3.1.
Make FennelConf 2020 the default page.
10f792ad — Christoph Frick 5 months ago
Add REPL for tag docs

- make the links to the docs like directories, so relative links work
- generate the files used in the REPL for the tag dirs
7f10a4f2 — Christoph Frick 6 months ago
Generate a title with the tag for the tag docs
46eef42f — Christoph Frick 6 months ago
Also ignore patch version directories
Merge pull request #20 from jaawerth/fix-web-repl-metadata

fix docstring usage in web REPL
Corrected metadata usage in web REPL

Ensured moduleName is "fennel/fennel" in both repl and compileString,
and useMetadata is enabled in compileString
Add shim for os.getenv since it's required for fennel loading.
Bump to fennel 0.3.0.
Update footer URL.
Fix html.fnl for latest fennel.
Latest (nearly 0.3.0) fennel submodule.
Tweak version listing.
Merge pull request #19 from christoph-frick/generate-version-indices

Generate version indices
5a09db7a — Christoph Frick 7 months ago
Generate a single version index for the tags
973ed0c2 — Christoph Frick 7 months ago
Generate links to the tag directories
dfffaa4d — Christoph Frick 7 months ago
Get the tags to generate from the fennel git tags
Auto-escaping was messing up the copyright sign.
Need to add index.html back to the upload target.