Add background color

If someone's web browser is set to a different color scheme, we
end up overriding the text color but *not* the background color,
leading to a potentially ugly mess. We could add a media-query
based system in the future, but this will avoid harsh results for
Add target for fennelview.lua
Update to Fennel 0.8.0.
A couple clarifications.
Link to videos for 2020 conf.
2020 talk titles.
List of talks for FennelConf online.
2020 details.
Update signup to make sense with more recent fennel versions.
FennelConf 2020 is online.
Try to upload conf in CI
No 2020 conf =(
Smaller logo on mobile.
Update to Fennel 0.7.0.
Add logo to front page.
Add link to See Fennel from the home page.
Support setting initial code using query params.
Add content-type for .lua files.

It tries to parse it as XML otherwise??
Add samples to See.
Pipe See input/output to the worker completely separately.

Don't even try to share code across worker vs fallback.
Attempt to do compilation in workers, but it gives nonsense errors.