Pull in latest setup changes.
Update setup guide; link there instead of git install instructions.
Load Fennel lazily in the Fengari repl.

Previously we had very bad load latency during which you couldn't even scroll.
Remove generate.lua.

This was moved in the latest version but it really isn't needed.
Fennel 0.4.1.
Add license file.
Add shim.lua to trick the web repl into running from the shell.
Use pcall when compiling lua equivalent for the panel.

This fixes #21, but not in a great way; it would be better to pass the
real scope into the call to compileString.
Wire fennelview and fennelfriend into the web repl.
Latest pre 0.4.0
Link to matrix room.
Fix repl on 0.4.0
The setup guide is not in all tags.
Update to 0.4.0-dev; compile one-file fennel script.
Don't emit headers twice
conf 2020 is not in spring =(
add TOC to reference
Update to Fennel 0.3.2.