New dates for user group.
Switch user group to PDT timezone.
Improve unescape in html.fnl.

Previously you could just fake it out with a string, but now you need
a proper unescape function which can't be faked.
Unify and improve highlighting across the board

* Update fennel-highlight
* Match the sample on index.html to see.html
* Match all Pandoc-generated code to see.html
Improve syntax highlighting for Lua on /see
Use fennel-highlight for Lua code too.

We can just swap out the keywords and get a decent highlighting of Lua
code as well as Fennel. Of course, it doesn't cover:

* single-quote strings
* multi-line strings
* comments

However, none of those things are present in the compiler output or
the provided Lua examples.
Ports see.lua to see.fnl so we can use --require-as-include

Having this all in one file is pretty critical; otherwise we are stuck
with runtime require which makes an HTTP request in the main thread
which destroys responsiveness in the browser and is Very Bad.
Temporarily inline fennel.syntax and highlight.lua into see.lua.

Doing a top-level require is causing a performance regression since
it's a separate HTTP call to fetch those two modules, and the user
can't interact with the page at all until it's done.

Longer term we need a build that can inline this automatically,
ideally using --require-as-include.
Disable spellcheck, autocorrect, etc.
Highlight Fennel code on /see
Update meetup dates.
Oops; CI doesn't have a sibling antifennel checkout.
Update to latest version of antifennel 0.2.0 / Fennel 1.3.0 in see
Update to Fennel 1.3.0.
Add license and attribution for the logo.
Broaden page title pattern a bit.
Update the links on the main home page to the new wiki.
Show proper 404 on the wiki.
Add wiki script that just redirects to github.
Fix UTC time for user group.