ea69f841b20b4a3ffe4292feceb7042506282860 — Matt Roelle 21 days ago 451d86c
fennel-lang.org update events page with game jam info

This patch adds the game-jam info to the community events page as well
as updates the date of the next user group.

1 files changed, 6 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M events.fnl
M events.fnl => events.fnl +6 -3
@@ 20,6 20,10 @@
                  [:a {:href "/conf"} "FennelConf"]
                  " happens once annually, typically towards the end of the year."]
                 [:li {}
                  "The 1st annual "
                  [:a {:href "https://itch.io/jam/fennel-game-jam-1"} "Fennel Game Jam"]
                  " is happening from May 25th 2022 - June 1st."]
                 [:li {}
                  "The monthly "
                  [:a {:href "#user-group"} "Fennel User Group"]
                  " is a casual Fennel social where we do show and tell, pair programming, and have fun writing Fennel code together."]]]

@@ 28,14 32,13 @@
                "for Fennel applies at all Fennel community events."]
               [:h2 {:id "user-group"} "Fennel User Group"]
               [:p {}
                "Beginning April 16 2022, there is an official Fennel user group that meets on "
                "There is an official Fennel user group that meets on "
                "the third Saturday of each month at 10am PST. All are welcome regardless of "
                "familiarity with Fennel or technical skill."]
               [:p {}]
               [:p {}
                "No registration is required. To join, use this jit.si link at the scheduled time."
                [:a {:href "https://meet.jit.si/FennelUserGroup"} "meet.jit.si/FennelUserGroup"]]

               [:p {} "The next Fennel User Group is Saturday, May 21st 2022."]
               [:hr {}]
               [:p {} "Fennel is copyright © 2016-2022 Calvin Rose and "
                "contributors and is"