451d86c4c4bb2773915b53ea81655e99b1564cea — Matt Roelle a month ago 87f4846
Add community events page and user group info to fennel-lang.org

Hi there!

This patch adds information about the previously discussed Fennel User Group.
I think we should create a new events page that covers the Fennel Conf, the Fennel
User Group, and the soon-to-be-created Fennel game jam. I have organized my patch
around that idea, but I am happy to do it another way as well.

3 files changed, 56 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)

M Makefile
A events.fnl
M main.fnl
M Makefile => Makefile +5 -1
@@ 8,7 8,7 @@ TAGSOURCES := changelog reference api

HTML := tutorial.html api.html reference.html lua-primer.html changelog.html \
	setup.html rationale.html from-clojure.html coc.html values.html \
	macros.html security.html style.html
	macros.html security.html style.html events.html

LUA := fennelview.lua

@@ 22,6 22,10 @@ fennel/fennel.lua: ; make -C fennel fennel.lua

index.html: main.fnl sample.html fennel/fennel
	fennel/fennel main.fnl $(TAGDIRS) > index.html

events.html: events.fnl fennel/fennel
	fennel/fennel events.fnl $(TAGDIRS) > events.html

%.lua: fennel/%.fnl fennel/fennel ; fennel/fennel --compile $< > $@

fennelview.lua: fennel/fennel fennel/src/fennel/view.fnl

A events.fnl => events.fnl +48 -0
@@ 0,0 1,48 @@
;; static HTML generator for the events page

(local html (require "html"))

(print "<!DOCTYPE html>")
(print (html [:html {:lang "en"}
              [:head {}
               [:meta {:charset "UTF-8"}]
               [:link {:rel "stylesheet" :href "/fennel.css"}]
               [:link {:rel "stylesheet"
                       :href "https://code.cdn.mozilla.net/fonts/fira.css"}]
               [:title {} "the Fennel programming language | Community Events"]]
              [:body {}
               [:h1 {} "Fennel Community Events" [:img {:src "logo.svg"}]]
               [:p {}
                "If you want to get more involved in the Fennel community, there are a couple of regularly scheduled, community run Fennel events. These events are open to all for participation."
                [:ul {}
                 [:li {}
                  "The "
                  [:a {:href "/conf"} "FennelConf"]
                  " happens once annually, typically towards the end of the year."]
                 [:li {}
                  "The monthly "
                  [:a {:href "#user-group"} "Fennel User Group"]
                  " is a casual Fennel social where we do show and tell, pair programming, and have fun writing Fennel code together."]]]
               [:p {} "The "
                [:a {:href "/coc"} "code of conduct"]
                "for Fennel applies at all Fennel community events."]
               [:h2 {:id "user-group"} "Fennel User Group"]
               [:p {}
                "Beginning April 16 2022, there is an official Fennel user group that meets on "
                "the third Saturday of each month at 10am PST. All are welcome regardless of "
                "familiarity with Fennel or technical skill."]
               [:p {}]
               [:p {}
                "No registration is required. To join, use this jit.si link at the scheduled time."
                [:a {:href "https://meet.jit.si/FennelUserGroup"} "meet.jit.si/FennelUserGroup"]]

               [:hr {}]
               [:p {} "Fennel is copyright © 2016-2022 Calvin Rose and "
                "contributors and is"
                ;; TODO: fix contributor link
                ;; [:a {:href "https://git.sr.ht/~technomancy/fennel/contributors"}
                ;;  "contributors."]
                "released under the MIT/X11 license. "
                [:a {:href "https://git.sr.ht/~technomancy/fennel-lang.org"}
                 "This website"]
                "is under the same terms."]]] true))

M main.fnl => main.fnl +3 -0
@@ 124,6 124,9 @@
                " and "
                [:a {:href "https://matrix.to/#/!rnpLWzzTijEUDhhtjW:matrix.org"}
                 "on Matrix."]]
               [:p {}
                "Come meet the Fennel community and make friends at any of our"
                [:a {:href "/events"} "community events"]]
               [:p {} "Take a look at the"
                [:a {:href "https://github.com/bakpakin/Fennel/wiki/Codebases"}
                 "list of codebases"] "written in Fennel if you want to get a"