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Mention jam on front page; add UTC time.
4 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

M events.fnl
M main.fnl
M sample.html
M survey/questions.fnl
M events.fnl => events.fnl +1 -1
@@ 33,7 33,7 @@
               [:h2 {:id "user-group"} "Fennel User Group"]
               [:p {}
                "There is an official Fennel user group that meets on "
                "the third Saturday of each month at 10am PST. All are welcome regardless of "
                "the third Saturday of each month at 10:00 PST/17:00 UTC. All are welcome regardless of "
                "familiarity with Fennel or technical skill."]
               [:p {}
                "No registration is required. To join, use this jit.si link at the scheduled time."

M main.fnl => main.fnl +4 -0
@@ 125,6 125,10 @@
                [:a {:href "https://matrix.to/#/!rnpLWzzTijEUDhhtjW:matrix.org"}
                 "on Matrix."]]
               [:p {}
                "The 1st annual "
                [:a {:href "https://itch.io/jam/fennel-game-jam-1"} "Fennel Game Jam"]
                " is happening from May 25th 2022 - June 1st."]
               [:p {}
                "Come meet the Fennel community and make friends at any of our"
                [:a {:href "/events"} "community events"]]
               [:p {} "Take a look at the"

M sample.html => sample.html +2 -3
@@ 1,10 1,9 @@
<pre id="sample" class="code"><span class="comment">;; Sample: read the state of the keyboard and move the player accordingly
</span>(<span class="keyword">local</span> dirs {<span class="builtin">:up</span> [0 -1] <span class="builtin">:down</span> [0 1] <span class="builtin">:left</span> [-1 0] <span class="builtin">:right</span> [1 0]})

(<span class="keyword">each</span> [key delta (<span class="builtin">pairs</span> dirs)]
(<span class="keyword">each</span> [key [dx dy] (<span class="builtin">pairs</span> dirs)]
  (<span class="keyword">when</span> (<span class="type">love.keyboard.isDown</span> key)
    (<span class="keyword">let</span> [[dx dy] delta
          [px py] player
    (<span class="keyword">let</span> [[px py] player
          x (<span class="keyword">+</span> px (<span class="keyword">*</span> dx <span class="type">player.speed</span> dt))
          y (<span class="keyword">+</span> py (<span class="keyword">*</span> dy <span class="type">player.speed</span> dt))]
      (<span class="builtin">world:move</span> player x y))))

M survey/questions.fnl => survey/questions.fnl +1 -1
@@ 8,7 8,7 @@
;; * add lite as a text editor
;; * break out editor/tooling problems, maybe even debugger specifically
;; * "how would you characterize" add "config/dotfiles" option
;; * add rust to languages list
;; * add rust and zig to languages list
;; * more granularity in "How long have you used fennel"
;; * "why luajit"?