Remove fennel itself from gitignore, pull in final pre-1.0.0
Fix bugs in downsheep and apocalypse meow.
Latest game jam.
Fennel 1.0.0-dev
Update readme.
Add Liquid Runner II
Add space dwarf game.
Add soko game.
Add mecha-flight game.
Add butterfly-effect game.
Fix actual bugs in a couple games.
Everything runs except backpackless.
Fix a bunch of busted stuff in Fallen.
Update all projects.
Add Autumn 2020 jam entries.
Squashed 'yahtzee-adventure/' content from commit c59d0c2

git-subtree-dir: yahtzee-adventure
git-subtree-split: c59d0c2bfb1b80d2775fb5c4cfc997b6f85748b9