A bunch of tests for the compiler all in one place
Update readme.
Add Liquid Runner II
Add space dwarf game.


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#Fennel Compendium

A way to see if Fennel changes break things.

As of 2021 August, this contains every known game written in Fennel.


  • LÖVE version 11.x
  • TIC-80 latest version (0.90.0 at this time)

The makefile can update all the Fennel versions for the LÖVE games automatically. However, for the TIC-80 games you will have to rebuild TIC-80 yourself with the version of Fennel you want. Luckily this is very easy to do; just run make -C vendor/fennel in the TIC-80 repository, then build the Pro version. Without the Pro version you can't load the text mode cartridges in this repo.


  • Run make compiler to bring in a new version of Fennel itself
  • Run make to every game in a row
  • Run make love to run just the LÖVE games
  • Run make tic to run just the TIC-80 games

All games are copyright their respective authors; see the readme or comment headers.