Add losing conditions; retry.
Tweak win conditions a bit.
Multiple levels!


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You are a petty officer aboard the USS Lakota assigned to the transporter room. You learn the basics of transporter operation in a series of simple assignments, and as you progress in rank you come across more and more difficult challenges.

Running during development:


  • love2d version 11 or newer https://love2d.org/
  • luafilesystem (provides better completion for in-game editor)

run make to start the game

Building for distribution


  • lua 5.1+ (for AOT compilation)
  • butler
  • an itch.io account

Run make release to build releases for Linux, Mac, and Windows, and have them uploaded to itch.io using Butler. You'll need to run butler login to log into your itch.io account if you haven't done that before.


  • [ ] make the gameplay more fun!
  • [X] detect progress in the level as particles are locked
  • [X] win animation -> next briefing -> next level
  • [X] lose screen -> retry
  • [ ] save progress
  • [ ] level select?


  • [X] cargo box of quadrotriticale (tutorial)
  • [X] one person
  • [ ] several people
  • [ ] falling person?
  • [ ] person wearing an unauthorized weapon?
  • [ ] reversing a transporter accident
  • [ ] Tuvix??

We should see if we can incorporate some backstory for the characters beaming in.

Game mechanics options:

Falling particles come down and must be placed in order to fill a silhouette of the character beaming in. As the particles fall, they phase in and out. At any point when it's phased in, you can lock the particle in place, unlike in classic tetris where blocks only stop falling when they land on another block. You have a limited number of particles to place before you run out, but you don't need to get it 100% perfect.


sokoban-like arrangement of particles?

Art needed

  • [X] title screen
  • [X] mission briefing (LCARS padd w/ commander portrait?)
  • [X] transporter pad with control panel
  • [ ] external shots between missions?
  • [ ] various characters being beamed in



  • LÖVE Copyright © 2006-2018 LOVE Development Team, distributed under the zlib license
  • Fennel Copyright © 2016-2018 Calvin Rose and contributors, distributed under the MIT/X11 License
  • lume Copyright © 2015-2018 rxi, distributed under the MIT/X11 License
  • polywell Copyright © 2015-2019 Phil Hagelberg, distributed under LGPLv3
  • fonts distributed under GPLv3