spaceflight adventure game
Fix a bug when pressing enter on non-messages.
Fix for fennel 0.3.1 and metadata.
Only shift to focus the target when not backgrounded.


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A spaceflight adventure game.

Written in Fennel with LÖVE.

To contribute, email me a patch or find me on freenode in the #fennel channel. If more folks are interested in discussing contributions I may start a mailing list.

Right now it requires a copy of polywell to be checked out in the parent directory, since both polywell and bussard are changing at a fast rate. Once polywell stabilizes a bit, I will switch to a subtree or something.



Install LÖVE version 11.1 and run love $PWD to start.


Original code, prose, and images copyright © 2015-2019 Phil Hagelberg and contributors

Distributed under the GNU General Public License version 3 or later; see file LICENSE.

See credits for licensing of other materials.