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c436ed14Phil Hagelberg Avoid conflicts with reserved fennel names in identifiers. 3 months ago


Turn Lua code into Fennel code.

Does the opposite of what the Fennel compiler does.


$ luajit antifennel.lua targetfile.lua > targetfile.fnl


Very immature.

Currently it does very little validation and will almost certainly emit Fennel which won't compile. It assumes all locals are vars even if they are never modified.

Certain Lua constructs are not supported in Fennel such as goto, repeat, break, and early returns.

Setting globals is not supported unless you use _G.foo = bar notation.

Copyright © 2020 Phil Hagelberg and Contributors Released under the MIT/X11 license, same as Fennel

Lua parser/lexer (contents of the lang/ directory) by Francesc Abbate