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baabd1dcPhil Hagelberg Track tail calls and hack in early returns. 4 months ago


Turn Lua code into Fennel code.

Does the opposite of what the Fennel compiler does.

Very immature.


$ luajit antifennel.lua targetfile.lua > targetfile.fnl

#Current limitations

Assumes all locals are vars, even if they are not modified. All assignments use set-forcibly! even when regular set would do the trick, because we don't track the difference between locals that come from var vs function parameters.

#Inherent Limitations

Early returns will compile to very ugly Fennel code, but they should be correct.

Certain Lua constructs are not supported in Fennel such as goto and repeat.

Copyright © 2020 Phil Hagelberg and Contributors Released under the MIT/X11 license, same as Fennel

Lua parser/lexer (contents of the lang/ directory) by Francesc Abbate