Release version 0.3.0.
Upgrade to Fennel 1.4.2.
Turn static string assignments into multisym assignment where possible.
We don't need to run cloc for every CI run.
Convert CI config to json; use debian/stable image.
Fix local function definitions that set existing locals.

Previously anything that wasn't defining a local function or table
function was misclassified as a global function.
Add check task.
Add a test for a global function.
Compile global functions to _G.foo.
Address linter suggestions.
Add uninstall target.
Defensive copying really isn't necessary here.
Compile t.f = function assignments to fn instead of set.
Ensure that mixed tables don't end in multivals.
Fix the tests again.
Add install target to makefile.
Improve --comments argument parsing.
Don't allow comments to interfere with let-collapsing.
Update to Fennel 1.3.1.
Fix a bug with raw iterator values in a for loop.