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Handle nil ASTs.
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M anticompiler.fnl
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@@ 17,7 17,8 @@ assignments use `set-forcibly!` even when regular `set` would do the
trick, because we don't track the difference between locals that come
from `var` vs function parameters.

Early returns will compile to invalid Fennel.
Early returns will compile to invalid Fennel. (This is the only thing
keeping Antifennel from being able to compile its own lexer.)

## Inherent Limitations

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@@ 168,6 168,7 @@
    "BreakStatement" (break compile ast)
    "DoStatement" (do* compile ast)
    "Vararg" (sym "...")
    nil (sym :nil)

    ;; TODO: confirm it's in the tail position; otherwise compile to lua special
    "ReturnStatement" (vals compile ast)