ref: 9ebade856b357fa2e50c760bfdc029f84db4057c serde_bare/src/lib.rs -rw-r--r-- 7.6 KiB
Update documentation
Improve variable-length integer robustness

Move the maximum length check above the left shift, so we don't try and
shift more than 64 bits into the accumulator.

Return serde::de::Errors from the invalid branches of the Uint
deserialization implementation rather than panicking on bogus or
truncated input.

Also clean up a Clippy lint in the Uint serialize implementation, using
the .take(i) iterator adapter rather than a ranged for-loop.
Update documentation
Add Uint/Int types (variable length)
Add i128/u128 support using data<16>
Remove references to enum types
Fix markdown formatting
Improve documentation
Add explicit i128 errors
Remove references to f16

They were removed from the upstream draft.