Add git repository to crate docs and fix links
Replace two-spaces-before-newlines with double newlines

Sourcehut's Markdown renderer doesn't seem to support the former.
Improve README and move benchmark docs to benches/
Fix broken formatting in README
Convert README to Markdown
Add builds.sr.ht manifests
Derive Default for Int and Uint
Fix clippy warnings
Move benchmark runner Makefile to benches/
Add no_std keyword to Cargo.toml
Remove some top-level re-exports
Add support for using the crate with no-std
Move benchmarks to separate crate.

When depending on criterion, serde with the std feature is pulled in.
This causes problems when we are trying to run tests without std.
Add hyperlink to BARE link in documentation
Update BARE URL in Cargo.toml
Release 0.4.0
Link to ticket tracker in README
Update documentation