feat: new links for music and general reordering
feat: add link and verification for Mastodon
format: email had unnecessary whitespace in package manifest
feat: updates to tech stack
build: nix flake support with direnv
build: nix flake and direnv updates
build: initial support for direnv with nix flake for NodeJS and git
feat: add list of projects for professional timeline
fix: styles for mobile with more consistent margins
fix: no links in project detail blocks
feat: link and reference for Packer contributions
chore: update Flag to Flagd
feat: update site and support no JS
feat: update projects in site
feat: include blog link in nav
fix: mobile styles are better than they were
feat: table of contents from file listing
fix: reinstall yarn
ci: update netlify references to directly call from node_modules
feat: update personal site