Fedora CoreOS Configurations
Updates for FCC files for CoreOS ISO builds
Messing around with Fedora CoreOS Configurations for various systems
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Some potentially useful Fedora CoreOS templates (Ignition Configurations, Fedora CoreOS Configurations, etc.) that I'm storing here for later reference.

#Getting Started

Well, if you want to start doing any of this from scratch, install fcct. There's an AUR package (duh, it's the AUR). If not on Arch, download the Fedora GPG signing keys from https://getfedora.org/static/fedora.gpg so you can verify the files.

Download the latest version of fcct, the corresponding signature, and verify the download.

gpg --verify fcct-$arch-$version-linux-gnu.asc fcct-$arch-$version-linux-gnu

Now you can make a Fedora CoreOS configuration file.

touch base.fcc


With a CoreOS Configuration File transpiled to an Ignition File, you would not be ready to install CoreOS.

#Generating a virtual machine

Download the installer ISO

podman run --privileged --pull=always --rm -v .:/data -w /data \
    quay.io/coreos/coreos-installer:release download -f iso

Now, host the generated Ignition configuration file so it will be accessible for the installer

python -m http.server

That should launch at localhost with the current context.

Now, launch a virtual machine with the installer ISO. When you're booted, run the command to install from the Ignition config:

sudo coreos-installer install /dev/sda \
    --ignition-url https://localhost:8000/example.ign

#Installing to disk

You can mount the block files to a container to install directly to it.

sudo podman run --pull=always --privileged --rm \
    -v /dev:/dev -v /run/udev:/run/udev -v .:/data -w /data \
    quay.io/coreos/coreos-installer:release \
    install /dev/vdb -i config.ign