feat: system config with tailscale module ssh and more
feat: add new docs around nix config, existing arch packages, and nuc boot iso
Adding stub for dnsmasq initial config
Updated prefix for compute inventory
Messing around with container images for dhcp / dns / tftp services, updates to inventory
Initial work on ansible inventory and general network structure
Added some notes for PXE
Latest state for docs around cluster
Included a second guide and info on ubuntu server
WIP: Packer docs, NUC Packer template imported
Add factory reset link for Jetson TK1
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~tcarrio/clusta
Added links for L4T and Tegra Linux distros
6554f481 — Tom Carrio 4 years ago
Added more Jetson project links
Added networking section links for traefik and nginx
Escape snake case formatting as italicized
Added table of contents, server provisioning, container orchestration, network storage, services + tasks, and further general links
First brain dump of info on hardware