Generate checksums of Webpack emitted files
9684c661 — Tom Carrio 3 years ago
Initial version of webpack plugin for checksum generation with cache capability


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#Webpack Checksum Plugin

This plugin will generate checksum files for files outputted by Webpack.


 plugins: [
	new ChecksumPlugin({
		distPath: 'build',
		assetPath: '/v5/touch/',
		outputFilename: 'checksums',
		checksumPattern: 'hash:filepath',
		resetChecksumFile: false


Name Required Default Details
distPath Y The path where the outputted Webpack files will be generated to.
assetPath Y The public path where the outputted Webpack files will be accessible from.
outputFilename N checksums The name of the generated checksums file.
checksumPattern N hash:filepath The pattern that should be used in the generated checksums file. The only available variales are hash and filepath.
resetChecksumFile N false Tells the plugin whether or not it should reset the contents of the outputted checksum file, or if it should just append to it.