5916dc4a8e595b7e4490cea545940e060b792536 — Jonas Bernoulli 4 months ago d2e1033 v0.1.0
Do not pre-filter completion candidates

This makes it possible to correct typos in the initial-input
without having to abort and restart completion.
1 files changed, 9 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)

M notmuch-addr.el
M notmuch-addr.el => notmuch-addr.el +9 -10
@@ 77,26 77,25 @@ From\\|Mail-Followup-To\\|Mail-Copies-To\\):")
    (list beg end
          (notmuch-addr--name-table (buffer-substring beg end)))))

(defun notmuch-addr--name-table (orig-string)
(defun notmuch-addr--name-table (_)
  "Like `message--name-table' but also use \"notmuch address...\"."
  (let ((orig-words (split-string orig-string "[ \t]+"))
        eudc-responses bbdb-responses notmuch-responses)
  (let (cached eudc-responses bbdb-responses notmuch-responses)
    (lambda (string pred action)
      (pcase action
        ('metadata '(metadata (category . email)))
        ('lambda t)
        ((or 'nil 't)
         (when orig-words
         (unless cached
           (when (and (memq 'eudc message-expand-name-databases)
                      (boundp 'eudc-protocol)
             (setq eudc-responses (eudc-query-with-words orig-words)))
             (setq eudc-responses (eudc-query-with-words nil)))
           (when (memq 'bbdb message-expand-name-databases)
             (setq bbdb-responses (message--bbdb-query-with-words orig-words)))
             (setq bbdb-responses (message--bbdb-query-with-words nil)))
           (when (memq 'notmuch message-expand-name-databases)
             (setq notmuch-responses (notmuch-addr-query-with-words orig-words)))
             (setq notmuch-responses (notmuch-addr-query-with-words)))
           (setq orig-words nil))
           (setq cached t))
         (let ((candidates
                ;; TODO Occasionally check if they added `expand-abbrev'!
                (append (all-completions string eudc-responses pred)

@@ 111,7 110,7 @@ From\\|Mail-Followup-To\\|Mail-Copies-To\\):")

(defvar notmuch-addr--cache nil)

(defun notmuch-addr-query-with-words (_)
(defun notmuch-addr-query-with-words ()
  "Like `message--bbdb-query-with-words' but for notmuch."
  (or (and (not current-prefix-arg)

@@ 129,7 128,7 @@ From\\|Mail-Followup-To\\|Mail-Copies-To\\):")
  "Read a recipient in the minibuffer."
  (completing-read prompt
                   (let ((current-prefix-arg nil))
                     (notmuch-addr-query-with-words nil))
                   nil nil initial-input))

;;; _