Fix plural of repositories in README
carl: add reverse proxy config
Add + prefix in main Makefile commands

So that the commands get executed when using the -n option
Generate htpasswd for files and pkgs websites

Hide command output by default to not leak passwords
Add global make install target
pkgs: add Makefile with install target
files: add Makefile with install target
check: add make install target
main: add make install target
status: add make install target
Reorganize repository

Kind of revert commit aad5eb82796d5c774a858c6e36bc5ccd2bac5cc3
There's no more a global nginx.conf
Put all files related to one website within a same folder (preparation
for packaging via make install)
Move all websites in http subfolder on the server
status: fix HTML centered display

Similar to check website
Add global Makefile to deploy all websites
check: add "clean personal repos" item to system updates list

Mostly to remove old packages and unused ones
Update config for Alpine Linux

- different nginx version
- new location for websites root directories
- new location for letsencrypt certificates
- use default main nginx.conf file

See commit dd06e65b8a70d846f3e3a14ce90613b6dc3743a0
main: remove www subdomain
www: rename to main
www resume: fix global header title alignment
www resume: remove usage of right float for job period and location

Was causing display issue on small screens