main resume: fix on-site spelling
status: fix symlinks handling in Makefile install and deploy

There is a mix of symlinks, some we want to copy as is and one that we
want to dereference locally. So we need multiple steps to handle them.
main resume: add on site and remote information for all entries
main resume: complete Crisp entry
main resume: increase Spanish language level
Share favicon.ico file across websites
check: add missing favicon
Introduce common colors.css file

CSS var function is widely available for many years
main: add fediverse link in homepage
social: add reverse proxy config
carl: remove useless root folder

The application is reverse proxied
main resume: avoid some breaks in key points for print
check: add check line to backup list
check: add "HDD to server" line to backup list

Also add the target of the backups to make it clearer now that not all
targets are HDD
check: remove ereader line from backup list

Not sure anymore what was meant there initially (maybe the database
backup through Calibre?), but it's not done and doesn't seem needed.
Update packages version in README
check: update color scheme

Following themes update
main: update color scheme

Following themes update
main resume: add Crisp basic job entry
main resume: add Leaseweb end date