main resume: rename "tasks" to "responsibilities"
main resume: move Leaseweb Full-Stack term in job title

Same as DevOps in M2mobi
Remove "DevOps team" as it doesn't add any valuable info
main resume: remove underline on link and summary in print version
main resume: make it more obvious that a job summary can be clicked

Similar display as links
main resume: fix usage of MySQL instead of MariaDB at Leaseweb
main resume: add "open source" keyword in personal part

Now that it's removed from values text
main resume: rewrite a bit the values in about part
main resume: make some headings bold again

Otherwise the other bold keywords (values, qualities, languages) stand
out too strong compared to the rest.
main resume: display website link on top right

More noticeable and doesn't take any vertical space
main resume: improve display of personal project links

- use platform name instead of URL in web version
- display both platform name and URL in print version
- fix ~ display
main resume: add location in header
main resume: add link to website version in print format
main resume: add main contributions for Leaseweb
main resume: add FullStack term for Leaseweb
Update packages version in README
Update packages version in README
carl: remove unnecessary X-Script-Name header from proxy in nginx config

Was causing a lot of logs
[WARNING] Base prefix (from HTTP_X_SCRIPT_NAME) must not end with '/': '/'
check: reorganization of system updates list

- Prefix with device
- Group by device
- Put Raspberry Pi at end of list
check: rename rolling packages to community

We need to check and build both the "rolling" git packages as well the
"tagged" ones from AUR
check: add update laptop after packages syncing

Even though we update every day, during the system updates day we put
it in the list to remember to order of actions