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#Jargon gemini

The Jargon File in Gemini text format

The content is to be found in the [jargon](jargon directory). It will be made available at gemini://jargon.tardypad.me when I'm able to host it.

All internal links are relative so there's no need to rewrite them wherever you host the folder. It also makes it easy to test the navigation locally.

The hierarchy and naming of the files is the exact same as in the original version. This makes it easy to share a gemini link as a web one and vice versa.

http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/F/foo.html <-> gemini://jargon.tardypad.me/F/foo.gmi

See the following example aliases converting the URL from stdin to the desired protocol:

# jargon web to gemini URL
alias j2g="sed 's|.*/html/\(.*\)\.html|gemini://jargon.tardypad.me/\1.gmi|'"

# jargon gemini to web URL
alias j2w="sed 's|.*{URL}/\(.*\)\.gmi|http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/\1.html|'"


The [utilities](utilities folder) contains scripts to initialize the Jargon File in Gemini text format from the original sources, before only manual changes can be done.

They should be run from the root directory in the following order:

$ ./utilities/init.sh
$ ./utilities/extract_glossary.sh
$ ./utilities/index_glossary.sh