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The list only contains packages needed by the configuration and scripts of this repository.
It is not an exhaustive list of tools used on the system.

Versions listed are the ones as defined by Arch Linux packages.
The version URL links to the closest source code commit, tag or archive used.
Note that it is not an exact match as extra patches might be added by the distro during packaging.

Name Purpose Source Version
aerc mail client Sourcehut 0.10.0
amfora Gemini browser GitHub 1.9.2
aria2 download utility GitHub 1.36.0
bemenu dynamic menu GitHub 0.6.10
bluez-tools Bluetooth extra utilities GitHub 0.2.0
bluez-utils Bluetooth utilities kernel.org 5.64
catimg image renderer GitHub 2.7.0
coreutils basic utilities GNU 9.1
ctags sources indexation GitHub 1:5.9.20210905.0
curl URL retrieval utility GitHub 7.84.0
entr Run command on files change GitHub 5.0
fontconfig fonts management freedesktop.org 2:2.14.0
foot terminal emulator Codeberg 1.12.1
fzf fuzzy finder GitHub 0.30.0
gammastep screen color temperature adjustment GitLab 2.0.8
git version control GitHub 2.37.1
gnupg OpenPGP client GnuPG 2.2.36
grim screenshot utility GitHub 1.4.0
htop system processes manager GitHub 3.2.1
httpie HTTP client GitHub 3.2.1
i3blocks window manager status line GitHub 1.5
imagemagick image utilities GitHub
imv image viewer Sourcehut 4.3.1
jq JSON processor GitHub 1.6
khard contacts management GitHub 0.17.0
less pager GitHub 1:590
libpulse sound server library freedesktop.org 16.1
libqalculate calculator GitHub 4.2.0
libxml2 XML parsing Gnome 2.9.14
light backlight controller GitHub 1.2.2
mako notifications daemon GitHub 1.7.1
mitmproxy HTTP/HTTPS proxy GitHub 8.1.1
mpc MPD command line client GitHub 0.34
mpd music server GitHub 0.23.8
mpv media player GitHub 1:0.34.1
networkmanager network manager freedesktop.org 1.38.2
opendoas run commands as root GitHub 6.8.2
openssh SSH client GitHub 9.0p1
otf-font-awesome icons font GitHub 6.1.1
pass password manager zx2c4.com 1.7.4
pulsemixer sound mixer GitHub 1.5.1
pv pipeline progress display GitHub 1.6.20
qrencode QR Code library GitHub 4.1.1
qutebrowser web browser GitHub 2.5.2
remind calendar and alarms skoll.ca 4.0.0
ripgrep files search GitHub 13.0.0
rsync files syncing samba.org 3.2.4
scdoc man page generator Sourcehut 1.11.2
sfeed RSS and Atom parser Codemadness 1.5
slurp region selection GitHub 1.3.2
sway window manager GitHub 1:1.7
swaybg desktop wallpaper GitHub 1.1.1
swayidle idle management daemon GitHub 1.7.1
swaylock screen locker GitHub 1.6
systemd system and service manager GitHub 251.3
tmux terminal multiplexer GitHub 3.3_a
tmux-xpanes terminal multiplexer divider GitHub 4.1.3
translate-shell translator GitHub
vdirsyncer contacts sync GitHub 0.18.0
vim text editor GitHub 9.0.0000
w3m web pager Debian 0.5.3.git20220409_1
weechat chat client GitHub 3.6
wf-recorder screen recorder GitHub 0.3.0
wl-clipboard clipboard utilities GitHub 1:2.1.0
xdg-utils applications manager freedesktop.org 1.1.3+21+g1a58bc2
ydotool keyboard and mouse automation GitHub 1.0.1
yubikey-manager Yubikey manager GitHub 4.0.8
zathura document viewer pwmt.org 0.4.9
zsh shell GitHub 5.9

Some of the packages don't have their own dotfiles config for diversion reasons:

  • configuration is only system wide (e.g., networkmanager)
  • none is needed, use defaults (e.g., curl)
  • config is part of another package (e.g., swaybg, needed for sway outputs style config)

Unless they have their own dotfiles config, the list doesn't include the following kind of required packages:

  • POSIX utilities (e.g., sed)
  • packages not required directly by our own config (e.g., gawk, dependency of translate-shell)
  • standard Linux packages (e.g., util-linux)
  • base Arch Linux packages (e.g., pacman)