ref: 03a818bd23c8c8c19b661d564661f33ee1ce2547 dotfiles/files/scripts/shell/notify -rwxr-xr-x 1.7 KiB
cb1233ee — Damien Tardy-Panis 8 months ago
Rename presentation to presentation-mode

Not to be confused with a tool to make a presentation
Consistency with night-mode
bb16fb15 — Damien Tardy-Panis 8 months ago
Add presentation mode to disable notifications
32132db4 — Damien Tardy-Panis 1 year, 9 months ago
use XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for temporary files with /tmp as fallback

XDG_RUNTIME_DIR folder is only accessible by the user (less conflict + security)
937cd6ac — Damien Tardy-Panis 2 years ago
move scripts commands used comments to a dependencies list in their man page
3fb8dae3 — Damien Tardy-Panis 2 years ago
move all actual "dotfiles" into a files folder

this makes the repo root folders hierarchy a bit clearer
not to confuse folders used only by the repo itself and setup from the
folders containing packages config files and such