Display aerc folder with unread message the same way as unread message
Check all INBOX folders in aerc main account

Also include Junk
Default of 0 means only check selected folder
New feature in latest release
Forward all attachments by default in aerc

New option in latest release
Update packages version in doc
Switch monitors position in Sway
Update weechat config comment from latest release

To keep a clean diff
Define alternate colors of bemenu to be same as normal

New addition in latest release
Update packages version in doc
Add proxy script
Remove unchecked YouTube RSS feeds
Fix display of interactive fzf when used within sway-quick-command

The display for pick-task was shifted and with some duplicated header
Update packages version in doc
Fix global clipboard usage in vim within tmux

See https://github.com/ojroques/vim-oscyank/issues/26
Do not use alias task name in time tracker overview
Update packages version in doc
Add new weechat wee-most attachment colors config

Should have been done earlier after new release
in commit 536e504f82dbe072880ccb21f204d1b47708b8e4
Fix symlinks of weechat external plugins autoloading

Install paths were wrong and are fixed in new builds
See https://aur.archlinux.org/cgit/aur.git/commit/PKGBUILD?h=weechat-vimode-git&id=db4576937762928e77410195a84c6b546f2e2ad9
Split openssh known_hosts between managed and automatically added ones
Add openssh known_hosts file with tardypad.me fingerprints
Add yubikey public key to openssh config