Add vim UC alias to search and insert Unicode character
Define vim unicode plugin data and config directories

To allow the download of the Unicode data
Add oneshot type for mails syncing service

Not sure if really needed but this makes it consistent with the other
ones and it is also in the example service on the wiki.
Enable verbose mode for mails syncing
Update packages version in doc
Add backup of mail from laptop to HDD
Enable Javascript in qutebrowser on some GitLab instances
Enable Javascript in qutebrowser on GitHub

It is now completely unusable without Javascript... It doesn't even show
the source files
Update packages version in doc
Fix fetching of Reddit RSS feeds in sfeed

Without the user agent (default behavior of sfeed), Reddit now returns
an error page.
Disable vim gutentags tags generation on home folder

Not needed and to decrease the big load from generation when vim is
opened for mail compose by aerc or from qutebrowser when editing field
Fix git-semantic-tag to also find non annotated tags
Update packages version in doc
Remove editor hack in aerc for underline display

Doesn't seem needed anymore since latest release
Add i3blocks block for new mails
Add systemd timer to sync mails
Fix vdirsync systemd timer description

To be same as the service one, like others
Increase fetch timeout for perso account in aerc

The default 10s are not enough for the mbsync command.
This is for when we want to manually trigger the command within aerc.
Do not fetch mails when opening perso account in aerc

We will regularly run mbsync in the background. This will make the
opening very fast.
Remove script and config related to yubikey opengpg requiring touch

We disabled the touch again. It was annoying but manageable so far even
with the following issues:
- required a touch for each mail sending in aerc (could have been
  patched there though)
- not all cases for pass commands were covered
- made it quite impossible to use `pass grep`

However it will make it impossible to run some regular background
command for mail fetching via mbsync.

We'll just keep the touch for the OATH part.