bin: fix removal of non personal package from tardypad repo
lists: add some linux modules to known unowned files
lists: remove bluetooth config from known modified files

See commit 4040f69f9e3a6ba4b8bd310859034a6441812e21
lists: add some chestnut config to known modified files
bin: fix adding package during sync when -git name use branch

Not generic but working for dotfiles-*-git for now
utilities: enable own repositories in build container

For when some AUR packages depend on some other AUR packages
dotfiles-git: bump version
builds: move run dependencies to package function

As per the wiki, dependencies in the depends list are needed for both
build and run, while dependencies added in the package function are only
required for the run. This prevents the unnecessary download of many
dependencies when building
utilities: use better mirror in build container
builds: simplify package() functions name

Not needed anymore since those packages are not split anymore
See commits 5eae84fe5e413e41cf721e07cd348b8e07859b3e and
bin: fix get package version when srcdir variable is used in pkgver function

Was used for example in fzf-tab-git PKGBUILD
vim-oscyank-git: bump version
utilities: install vim in build container

Useful for editing files but also when syncing some packages depending
on vim-plugin-runtime, by default gvim is selected for installation
bringing with it tons of packages. So now we'll already have what is
system-config: add fzf-tab-git package
Remove .gitignore

There won't be any leftover packages locally anymore
bin: remove repo script

Superseded by sync script
bin: add option in sync script to remove package from repository
bin: add support for building AUR packages in sync script
bin: add sync script

Only uses own builds for now
utilities: add some general makepkg config in build container