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        a symbols layer for QWERTY</li>
      <li><a href="https://sr.ht/~talos/dotfiles/"> My dotfiles</a></li>
      <li><a href="https://sr.ht/~talos/website/"> This website</a></li>
      <li><a href="https://gitlab.com/coloradoschoolofmines/dmud"> DMUD</a>:
        an asynchronous distributed multi-user dungeon, written in Go (originally
        Python). Still very WIP.</li>
      <li><a href="https://gitlab.com/coloradoschoolofmines/mozzarella"> Mozzarella</a>:
        a website for clubs, written in Python using Turbogears.</li>
      <li><a href="https://gitlab.com/NickTheSecond/hackutd"> Drive, Don't Fly</a>:
        a hackathon project to build a proof-of-concept long-distance ride
        sharing application. Frontend in HTML/CSS (some JS), backend in
        <li><a href="https://sr.ht/~talos/advent-of-code/"> Advent of Code</a>: My
          advent of code solutions.
        <li><a href="https://sr.ht/~talos/music-tools/"> Music Tools</a>:
          a set of tools related to ripping CDs on Linux.</li>
        <li>What I do when I'm not programming:
            <li>Read, mostly sci fi/fantasy/history. The best books I've read
              lately are N.K. Jemisin's <em>Broken Earth</em> trilogy, William
              Gibson's cyberpunk classic <em>Neuromancer</em>, and Ted Chiang's
              <em>Story of Your Life and Others</em>.</li>
              Gibson's cyberpunk classic <em>Neuromancer</em>, and <em>This Is
              How You Lose the Time War</em> by Amal El-Mohtar and Max
            <li>Write and edit prose fiction.</li>
            <li>Play racquetball (poorly) or ride my bike.</li>
            <li>Listen to music, mostly metal and industrial. My favorite album

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              band Machines of Loving Grace. My favorite bands include Tool,
              Ministry, Rammstein, W.A.S.P., and Judas Priest.</li>
            <li>Play modern board games, mostly Euros. I've been on a big
              <em>Concordia</em> kick lately.</li>
              <em>Concordia</em> kick lately, and I also play a lot of
              <em>Terraforming Mars</em>.</li>
            <li>Play video games, mostly strategy. My top 3 series/engines are
              <em>Crusader Kings</em>, <em>Total War</em>, and the Infinity
              Engine (<em>Baldur's Gate</em>). I also seem to play a lot of

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      <li><b>Xarl</b>, a custom-built desktop. Ryzen R5 3600/RX5700XT (running Arch Linux). </li>
      <li><b>Cyrion</b>, a Toshiba Satellite laptop--technically a server (running OpenBSD). </li>
      <li><b>Malcharion</b>, the DigitalOcean VPS that serves this website (running FreeBSD). </li>
      <li>A whole bunch of work machines ;)</li>
      <li><b>Variel</b>, the Hetzner VPS that hosts my Gonic server (running Debian). </li>
      <li>So, so many work machines ;)</li>