Alternate welcome screens for GNU Emacs
Add max recent files and a 'see more' button to welcome.el
Add an example image for org-welcome.el
Add button to open Emacs tutorial in Learning Emacs section.


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#Experiments with Emacs Welcome Screens

This repo contains some simple experimental welcome screen designs for GNU Emacs.

  • welcome.el: An enhanced version the usual Emacs startup screen.
  • org-welcome.el: A welcome screen formatted in org-mode.

The goals of both are to provide some additional features and usability improvements without depending on any external packages. Both are standalone packages that can be installed separately.


Similar to default welcome screen with some additional features:

  • Show list of recently viewed files (using recentf).


The idea is to create a consistent user experience for individuals who are primarily using Emacs for org-mode. In my opinion org-mode is one of the best reasons to use Emacs so this welcome screen tries to reflect that.