guix: Modify nodejs path
guix: Add environment variables for Java
guix: Use default ruby
guix: Remove emacs-robe
emacs: Remove settings for robe-mode and inf-ruby
emacs: Update custom.el
guix: Add emacs-hcl-mode
guix: Remove emacs-docker-tramp
guix: Remove the flyctl settings
guix: Upgrade ruby
emacs: Add the auto-mode setting for JSX.
Add `$HOME/bin` to PATH.
emacs: Set require-final-line to visit.
emacs: Add auto-save-visited-mode.
guix: Add nss-certs.
guix: Add flyctl command to PATH environment.
guix: Remove duplicate packages.
emacs: Remove company-idle-delay.
guix: Adds emacs-docker and emacs-docker-tramp