system: Modify the GDM configuration.
emacs: Add js-indent-level value.
package: Add emacs-ruby-mode.
taix: Add emacs-ruby-mode.
package: Add emacs-debbugs.
package, emacs: Move from lsp-mode to eglot.
package: Add direnv.
emacs: Enable fido-vertical-mode.
emacs: Load custom.el.
package: Remove packages for Nyxt.
emacs: Add configuration to load private.el.
package: Add emacs-esa.
taix: Add emacs-esa.
emacs: Add kintai.el customization.
emacs: Add the PAGER environment variable.
system, package: Move tzdata from the user profile to the system.
channel: Remove flat channel.
package: emacs-pgtk-native-comp -> emacs

Because the Guix channel has distributed the native-comp version now.
package: Add tzdata.
package: Fix a package conflict.