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Free .o to .h converter.

protodump reads object files, looks for DWARF information and combines it with
the table of exported symbols.  Use it with `diff` to see whether your library
API has changed.
the table of exported symbols.  It can also find differences between two object
files and can be used to see if their ABI is the same.

## Building

Use `cargo build`.

You may add and remove support for specific object file types with "Cargo
features". They are all enabled by default:

- `coff` (old windows executable)
- `elf` (used in unixes)
- `macho` (by apple)
- `pe` (for windows)
- `wasm` (web assembly)

Use `cargo --no-default-features --features elf,wasm` to choose.

Other available features:

- `compression`: enable reading compressed debug info sections. Disabled by

## Usage

protodump $(which protodump)
protodump $(command -v protodump)
# or
cargo run -- target/debug/protodump

@@ 23,13 39,10 @@ Run `protodump --help` for the list of options, and see the man page

## Contributing

Ask questions and send patches on the mailing list:

File bugs on the bug tracker: https://todo.sr.ht/~taiite/protodump
Ask questions and send patches on the [mailing list].
File bugs on the [bug tracker].

To send a patch, install & configure
[git-send-email](https://git-send-email.io/), then
To send a patch, install & configure [git-send-email], then

git config sendemail.to '~taiite/public-inbox@lists.sr.ht'

@@ 38,3 51,7 @@ vi makeyourchanges.txt
git commit -am nameyourchanges
git send-email 'HEAD^'

[mailing list]: https://lists.sr.ht/~taiite/public-inbox
[bug tracker]: https://todo.sr.ht/~taiite/protodump
[git-send-email]: https://git-send-email.io/