Move from freenode to own IRC server for support
Remove unused modes from ISUPPORT
Store invites in "Client" instead of "Channel"

Avoid leaking invites that can be used by reconnecting clients.
Don't send back errors for NOTICEs

Closes https://todo.sr.ht/~taiite/ellidri/33
Fix windows builds deploy location
Check whether users are banned before sending PRIVMSG
Use machine hostname as default domain value
Update scfg to v0.3
Fix ERR_INPUTTOLONG not being sent

and also being written after having parsed the label tag
Make TLS support optional
Use humantime instead of chrono

- humantime has a smaller dependency graph
- humantime is a smaller crate
cargo update
Always build a multi-threaded runtime
Use scfg instead of yaml

Update several dep versions
Update tokio and tokio-rustls

It seems tokio doesn't support setting keepalive, so ellidri doesn't set
them anymore
Update author's email
Remove ellidri-reader
Ran cargo update
Remove SASL half-support

so that it can be properly added later