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This repository contains some crates that may be helpful to the IRC smith of the 21st century! They were built around ellidri, a modern IRC server (or IRCd, for short). You will especially find:

  • an IRC parsing library, ellidri-tokens, which provides tools to correctly and efficiently parse IRC messages and mode strings,
  • ellidri-unicase, providing a wrapper around strings to make them case-insensitive regarding IRC's different case mappings,
  • an IRC server, ellidri, that aims to be simple to setup, feature complete and scalable.

To discuss about ellidri and cie, join the IRC channel: #ellidri on freenode! There is also a test server running at ellidri.org, if you want to try it out!

The rest of this document is about ellidri, the IRC server. All other projects have their own README.md.


  • RFC 1459 and 2812 compliance (almost! see #1)
  • IRCv3 support
  • IRC over WebSockets
  • Configurable via a file that can be reloaded at runtime
  • SASL support with SQLite and PostgreSQL
  • kawaii messages

Supported extensions: account-notify, away-notify, batch, cap-notify, echo-message, extended-join, invite-notify, labeled-response, message-ids, message-tags, multi-prefix, sasl, server-time, setname, userhost-in-names

ellidri doesn't support any server-to-server (S2S) protocol. As such, it is impossible to make several instances of ellidri manage the same IRC network.

ellidri requires UTF-8 from clients, and for now it only supports ascii as casemapping.

#Build and install


  • The Rust compiler (at least version 1.39, or v1.41 when using PostgreSQL) and Cargo: https://rustup.rs/
  • SQLite 3 (if the sqlite feature is enabled)
  • PostgreSQL client libraries (if the postgres feature is enabled)

Install ellidri with cargo install ellidri, or with the AUR package.

During development, build it with cargo build, and run it with cargo run.

For packaging, build it with cargo build --release --locked. The release flag will enable optimizations and the locked flag will require a valid lock file (Cargo.lock), to make sure that the same dependencies are used for development and for release. The executable is generated at target/release/ellidri.


See doc/setup-guide.md for a step-by-step guide to have a working setup.


Patches are welcome! Here are some links to get started:

When developing ellidri, you can use the following command to generate the documentation of all items:

cargo doc --no-deps --document-private-items --open


ellidri couldn't have existed without the help of https://ircdocs.horse. Thank you Daniel Oaks and all other contributors!

Also thanks to the IRCv3 working group for all the work on modernizing the IRC protocol!


ellidri is under the ISC license. See LICENSE for a copy.