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## Build
`clang notes.c md_renderer.c md4c/md4c.c helpers.c`
`clang src/main.c src/md4c/md4c.c -std=c99`

Clang is the most accessible C compiler for windows users and the one I use, but it should compile with any C compiler that supports C99.

## Use
`node tree-file.tree -h head.html -f foot.html -c path/to/md/content -o path/to/html/output`

Each line in the tree file is parsed in the following way:
1. The number of `<` characters at the beginning of the line is the depth of the nav entry.
2. The first non-`<` character is the start of the Title of the nav entry.
3. The last sequence of non-whitespace characters before the newline is the file entry. This will be interpreted as one of two things:
  1. If the file entry ends with `.md`, the file is parsed as Markdown and the resulting HTML file is the `href` target for this nav entry.
  2. Otherwise the file entry is directly interpreted as the `href` target for this nav entry.

The file given to `-h` must contain two occurrences of `%s`, where the first will be replaced by the note's title, and the second with the site's nav.

Example `head.html`: