Small pomodoro timer that consumes 0% of your CPU
License under the GPL-3.0-or-later


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pomodorino is a small pomodoro timer that consumes 0% of your CPU.


pomodorino is written in C, and runs fine on POSIX systems (like Linux) and Windows.

It has an optional dependency on libdbus, which is used to send you desktop notifications when it is time to take a break or get back to work. On Debian-based systems, it can be installed with:

apt install libdbus-1-dev

You can then build the project using Meson:

meson setup build
meson compile -C build

Alternatively, you can get basic functionality by simply compiling the program with any C compiler, like this:

cc -o pomodorino pomodorino.c

By default, pomodorino alternates between a 25 minutes working lap and a 5 minutes break, with a 15 minutes long break after four rounds of work. You can override these default values at compile time, by defining the LAP_SECONDS, SHORT_BREAK_SECONDS LONG_BREAK_SECONDS and SESSIONS_UNTIL_LONG_BREAK preprocessor defines; for example:

meson setup build
meson compile -C build


I used to use the beautiful Solanum app from the GNOME project, but its relatively high resource usage (especially relevant on my old laptop) convinced me that a command line tool was enough for my needs, and so I wrote it.

By using the sleep(3) function, pomodorino completely suspends execution until the end of the current timer, so that it truly uses 0% of your CPU.