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#title: dn42 description: dn42 network details

I am connected to the dn42 network, which is basically a playground for BGP and other large-scale networking techniques.

These details can also be found on noc.taavi.dn42.

My primary ASN is AS4242423270. My IP space is:

  • TAAVI-NET-V4-1:
  • TAAVI-NET-V6-1: fd96:70f6:b174::/48

This network is open for peering, see details below.


Details for individual sites and nodes are located below, if I've told you something else use that instead of what this page says.


This is hosted on UpCloud's FI-HEL1 cluster.

Peering information
Wireguard hostname uc-fi-hel1.dn42.taavi.wtf
Wireguard port 20000 + last 4 digits of ASN
Wireguard public key DrBmn9Em0yKqatZJ8wE+Uvv8uzyRzR1bTBQUZplhIXQ=
IPv4 dn42
IPv6 link local fe80::32:70
IPv6 dn42 fd96:70f6:b174::1


The services available from my network can be seen on noc.taavi.dn42.


Please see the TAAVI-DN42 person object on the DN42 registry for my contact details.

PGP key is available from https://taavi.wtf/pgp.txt and from some keyservers, such as keys.openpgp.org.


Feel free to get in touch if you want to peer with me and have a node nearby. Note that my network does not provide connectivity to or via certain parts of the range due to conflicts with internal addressing.

Multiprotocol BGP over WireGuard and IPv6 link local is preferred, if you need something else let me know and we can figure something out.

#Home network

I have a separate ASN, AS4242423271, for my home network. The IP space for my home network is:

  • TAAVI-HOME-NET-V6-1: fdf4:e251:75d9::/48

This network does NOT have an open peering policy for security reasons.