build: update CI to bookworm / php 8.2
Update mediawiki-codesniffer
build: drop version from composer.json

This will automatically be generated from the Git tag.
Upgrade mediawiki-codesniffer to v38
Drop support for Socialite 4
Socialite: Stop overriding Signature class

Upstream has fixed the bugs which was the reason it was overridden for.
This should fix compability with PHP 8.
56d66b55 — addshore 2 years ago
README: wiki -> mediawiki driver
670fb517 — addshore 2 years ago
Add token to user in provider
add builds.sr.ht manifest
re-format with mediawiki-codesniffer
doc: document contributing in README
composer.json: Update own email address
98b789f1 — Taavi Väänänen 3 years ago v1.4.0
Allow using PHP 8, bump version to 1.4.0
9a3b8d6d — Taavi Väänänen 3 years ago 1.3.0
Bump version to 1.3.0
66de3f1d — Taavi Väänänen 3 years ago
Return Central ID as user ID
628b3df6 — Taavi Väänänen 3 years ago 1.2.2
bump version, allow socialite 4 or 5