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@@ 156,6 156,22 @@ indicate particular values or meanings:
  and \mac{unquote-splice} forms (and their reader-macro equivalents).

  \reader{,}\param{value} \\
  (\mac{unquote} \param{value}) \\
  \reader{,\texttt{@}}\param{value} \\
  (\mac{unquote-splice} \param{value})
  In the context of a \mac{backquote}, evaluate \param{value} instead of
  using it as-is. \mac{unquote-splice} and \reader{,\texttt{@}} take a
  list as their argument, and ``splice'' each element in to
  the \mac{backquote} list so that each element of that argument corresponds
  to an element of the \mac{backquote} list.
  The other two macros insert their argument as a single element in the list.

\subsection{Control Flow}