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Add some organization to code
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M time-block.el
M time-block.el => time-block.el +9 -0
@@ 146,6 146,9 @@ Saturday   6"
  :type '(choice (const :tag "Continue blocking on holidays." nil)
                 (const :tag "Do not block on holidays." t)))

;; Utility Functions

(defun time-block-group-blocked-p (block-group)
  "Is group BLOCK-GROUP currently blocked?"
  (unless (and time-block-skip-on-holidays-p

@@ 169,6 172,9 @@ Saturday   6"

(make-obsolete 'timeblock-define-block-command 'define-time-blocked-command "time-block 0.1.0")

;; Main definition macro

(cl-defmacro define-time-blocked-command (name argslist (group block-message &optional override-prompt) &body body)
  "Define NAME as a time-blocked command.

@@ 216,6 222,9 @@ BODY is the body of the code.  This should include an
             (message ,block-message)

;; Advice macro

(defmacro time-block-advise (advice-name command group block-message &optional override-prompt)
  "Define `:around' advice for COMMAND called ADVICE-NAME.