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### Manually advising commands to be time-blocked

Commands can also be manually advised.  This can be done to prevent
only certain cases from happening.  For instance, I use the following
code to delay myself from editing my emacs configuration during the

(defun my/buffer-sets-around-advice (orig name)
    "Check if NAME is 'emacs', if so, follow time blocking logic before calling ORIG (`buffer-sets-load-set')."
    (unless (and (string= name "emacs")
                 (time-block-group-blocked-p :workday)
                 (not (yes-or-no-p "You have decided not to edit your emacs configuration at this time.\nContinue?")))
      (funcall orig name)))
(advice-add 'buffer-sets-load-set :around #'my/buffer-sets-around-advice)

## Errors and Bugs

If you find an error or a bug, send an email to