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#Third Time

Third Time support for Emacs.


This package is compatible with Emacs >= 27.1 and has no external dependencies. The file third-time.el may be placed on the load-path and required or auto-loaded.


It is recommended that you bind third-time-start-work to C-x M-t w (or third-time-prefix w, see below for information about the prefix).

The command third-time-start-work (C-x M-t w) starts or restarts work. It enables the mode if it is not enabled.

The command third-time-start-break (C-x M-t b) starts a break. If the prefix argument is passed, it will prompt for how long the break should be, otherwise, all remaining break time is used instead.

third-time-long-break (C-x M-t l, C-x M-t m) starts a long (or meal) break.

third-time-end-session (C-x M-t e, C-x M-t s) ends a Third Time session (i.e., workday).

Finally, the command third-time-summary (C-x M-t S) describes the current status, including current time in state, and information about break times.


The variable third-time-prefix defaults to C-x M-t, and is the prefix for the minor mode's bindings. If you wish the bindings to be under a different prefix, you must set the variable before loading third-time.el.

third-time-fraction controls what fraction of time is used for breaks. It should be a positive integer.

The hooks third-time-working-hook, third-time-break-hook, third-time-long-break-hook, and third-time-change-hook are run on state changes. Those with a named state are run on change to that state, and third-time-change-hook is run for all changes. third-time-mode-hook is run when the mode is enabled.


This library supports logging of state changes when third-time-log-file is a string referring to a file. The variables third-time-log-format and third-time-log-time-format control the log format, the latter of which should comply with format-time-string.

third-time-log-format describes what a log entry looks like. It may contain the following formatting codes:

  • %T: the time as formatted using third-time-log-time-format.
  • %s: the state entered.
  • %h: the time which has been worked at %T.
  • %b: the time remaining for breaks.


third-time uses a simple minibuffer message alerting mechanism by default. This can be overriden with third-time-alert-function which should be a function which takes one argument, a message to alert the user with. Other information can be third-time-state for more advanced formatting.

Additionally, there's a "nag" timer which can be used to periodically remind the user that a break has been completed. It is controlled with the third-time-nag-time which is a number of minutes, if it is 0, no nagging will take place.

#External Package Integration: Universal Sidecar

Users of the Universal Sidecar package can add third-time-section to universal-sidecar-sections to see a summary of the current third-time status in the sidecar.

#Bug Reports and Patches

If you find a bug or wish to submit a patch, send an email to ~swflint/emacs-utilities@lists.sr.ht.