Add contributing guidelines

Also remove some old contribution legal message.
Not sure why that was needed.
Update dependencies and repository url
Tidy license files
Release version 0.4.0

Surf has been bumped to a new version since the last release,
which has creating some minor backwards incompatible changes to the client
type signature.
Merge pull request #12 from mx-psi/improve-docs-example

Update docs example
f4b4f85d — Pablo Baeyens 6 months ago
Improve doc example
- Replace `notrust` attribute by `no_run`
- Update doc example based on examples/get_entries.rs
Merge pull request #11 from mx-psi/bump-surf-2.2.0

Bump surf to 2.2.0
a8eea895 — Pablo Baeyens 6 months ago
Fix `check_urls_exist`

The underlying library changed from serde_urlencoded to serde_qs.
This means that serializing a Vec will produce incorrect results.
736dad42 — Pablo Baeyens 6 months ago
Bump surf dependency from 2.0.0.alpha.0 to 2.2.0

Update uses of the surf library to conform to 2.2.0 API.
This boils down to

- Update constants to http_types style (Post instead of POST...)
- Remove ?Sized bound since it is no longer necessary.
- Use RequestBuilder instead of a plain Request object.
- Remove references to surf::Exception and use surf::Error instead.
Merge pull request #10 from swalladge/reqwest-to-surf

Replace reqwest with surf

fixes #9 
Update examples to use async-std

just coz
Replace reqwest with surf

More modular and async executor agnostic.
Merge pull request #7 from swalladge/add-page-items-api

Add function for single page of items
Implement function to get single page of entries


- fmt
- add example of single page of entries
- bump minor version (minor breaking change with EntriesFilter - added
- bump deps versions where appropriate
Merge pull request #8 from bilelmoussaoui/patch-1

CI: build and test using github actions
65b302bf — Bilal Elmoussaoui 1 year, 7 months ago
CI: build and test using github actions
Update comment re headers in Entry
71a3abaf — Bilal Elmoussaoui 1 year, 7 months ago
API: set headers to a HashMap instead of a Vec

It seems that the API returns a key/val for the headers and not a list
See https://gitlab.gnome.org/bilelmoussaoui/read-it-later/issues/27#note_721903 for details
convert api to async/await

- breaking change! All api methods are now async. The minimal changes
required involve adding .await to the end of each method call,
propogating the asyncs back up the function chain, and using an executor
like tokio to run it.
- now requires rust nightly until async/await is released to stable