Add contributing guidelines
Relicense to GPL

Note that permission was obtained from all contributors (currently me and Nizar) to make this license change.
Update cargo.lock

Missed checking this in when bumped version in Cargo.toml
Add development roadmap

This is to document remaining steps before version 3 can be released.
Prepare to release version 3

- move hosted repository to sr.ht
- update readme
- bump version

The major version number needs to be updated,
because `confy` had breaking changes between 0.4 and 0.5,
which propagate to breaking changes for this project too.
Bump all dependencies to latest releases
Merge pull request #3 from nizarmah/nizar/add-mac-osx-tempoit-config-info

Document path to tempoit config for mac users
Update confy dependency

This has a breaking change;
configuration file locations have changed on macos.
See https://crates.io/crates/directories-next/2.0.0 for details on file locations.
6efe14d5 — Nizar Mahmoud 2 months ago
Add config file path for different systems

I recently had to install this script on a Mac. Unfortunately, I kept running into issues with the login.

After some investigation, it turns out that `confy`, which is the package used to serialize and deserialize the `tempoit.toml` config, uses `directories-next` to locate the configuration file path.

According to the [`directories-next` docs](https://crates.io/crates/directories-next), the `config_dir`, which is `$HOME/.config` on Linux, is `$HOME/Library/Application Support` on Mac and `{FOLDERID_RoamingAppData}` on Windows.
commit cargo lock changes...
Support configurable ticket match regex

This may be helpful for other use cases,
and I needed to update for the new Falcon cell anyway (FAL currently).
Add example shell for timewarrior

I use this to save keystrokes,
so putting a copy in this repository for others to use or take
inspiration from.
[SE-3197] Updates README to Provide Information About Which Tags are Required (#1)

Add usage information and examples for timew to readme

This makes the expected and supported timewarrior workflow clear by reading the readme.
Link crates.io badge to project page on crates.io
Add crates.io shield to readme
Initial public release