add github mirror
a9de6fc1 — Stephen Waits 4 years ago
add README.md with description from previous Bitbucket repo
add quaternion search example
add license to individual source files. add intro blurb in de.h.
add (MIT) license
add another simple example
create example dir
b656b251 — swaits 13 years ago
add saboteur optimization problem. minor compile fixes.
aac0b98b — swaits 16 years ago
renamed DE::Engine::CalculateError to DE::Engine::TestFitness
added ErrorAccumulator to aid in calculating RMSE
converted piecewiseapprox.cpp and polyapprox.cpp to use new pure virtual method name and ErrorAccumulator
6f03c0b1 — swaits 17 years ago
use normal distribution on initial random individual creation
initial default range tweaked way down
rename "POP" template parameter to "POPSIZE"
added RunOneGeneration() method - generations can now be run one at a time
added SetRange(i,min,max) method
added a decent amount of comments through main algorithm and class declaration
c194ae5f — swaits 17 years ago
made random seed off clock.  other minor tweaks to polynomial problem.
3f5fdb3b — swaits 17 years ago
tweaked default min/max and output in DE
commenting+tweaks to polyapprox.cpp
7d8c0064 — swaits 17 years ago
removed old PSO stuff.  I'm just not into it any more.
898adda1 — swaits 17 years ago
added another activation function, plus minor cleanup
eedade5b — swaits 17 years ago
convert example.cpp into polyapprox.cpp - made it a bit more of a generic polynomial approximator program
tweaked default range in DE::Engine
76f95a74 — swaits 17 years ago

4fdf9857 — swaits 19 years ago
removed empty derand.cpp
documented devec.h
9e104769 — swaits 19 years ago
made BIGDOUBLE closer to max float
bugfix example was not returning error
fc50c914 — swaits 19 years ago
ignore a.out
cab0760a — swaits 19 years ago
added example code
added better default range
fixed BIGDOUBLE to be closer to max double (used for default best fitness)