Draper, UT


I'm a Principal Engineer at Amazon. Previously spent two decades in the game industry. I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, hiking, and backpacking.


a fast hypothesis test using a (mega)permutation test


Vivaldi Network Coordinates with a simple interface.


Advent of Code for 2021


A half-done implementation of NEAT.


Scripts to score party games for my annual game day.


Hacky scheduler which aligns the SoCal race schedule with my training periodization.


Advent of Code 2020


Daemon for FreeBSD to monitor for power failure signal from UPS.


Script to blacklist sshd brute force attempts parsed in log.


Simple implementation of a C++ autoptr.


Password generator in html+javascript.


Password generator algorithm.


NeuQuant color quantization implementation in C++.


C/C++ "make depend" tool written in clean C++.


Implementations of Glicko2 in C++, Go, Python, and Ruby.

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