Draper, UT


I'm a Principal Engineer at Amazon. Previously spent two decades in the game industry. I enjoy spending time with my family, camping, hiking, and backpacking.


Vivaldi Network Coordinates with a simple interface.


A half-done implementation of NEAT.


Differential evolution implementation in C++.


Archive of the Stormfront Studios Foosbal League website.


Hierarchical State Machine Compiler (hsmc) statechart implementation.


C++ signal/slot template library


Simple web crawler written in Go.


Implementations of Glicko2 in C++, Go, Python, and Ruby.


C/C++ "make depend" tool written in clean C++.


NeuQuant color quantization implementation in C++.


Password generator algorithm.


Password generator in html+javascript.


Simple implementation of a C++ autoptr.


Script to blacklist sshd brute force attempts parsed in log.


Daemon for FreeBSD to monitor for power failure signal from UPS.

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