Split HTML lines

Easier for smaller screens.
til: Add HTML datetime duration
til: Add `:GBrowse <fugitive-object>`
Bump Cache-Control headers on CSS files

These files are generated with hashes, so they'll never change.

Ref: https://srht.site/advanced-settings
Add siteconfig.json

For now, just configuring basic Cache-Control headers to test - will
make these more strict later (`immutable`?).
til: Add an update to SQLite Connection Configuration
style: Format render-heading
css: Remove Celtics colors

Congrats to them! But basketball season is over, and I'm not a true
basketball fan.

For now, try out using the accent color for headings - nice and bright,
for summer.
css: Use oklch color for blockquote
til: Add file name comment to file contents

Ideally there'd be a way to specify this on the codeblock as a "this
file is this name", but this is the low-budget way of accomplishing the
same thing.
Publish Neovim nfnl Directory Configuration

Oops - meant to do this at the time.
css: Switch to system-ui

I don't think the justifications for avoiding system-ui still stand, and
ui-sans-serif is still unsupported by basically everyone except for
til: Add Neovim nfnl Directory Configuration
til: Add Git Stash File(s)
css: Use light-dark function

Not widely available yet, but whatever.
css: Switch to Celtics colors

Goodnight, sweet 2024 Bruins.