uses: Add kitty

Previously removed alacritty; kitty seems important enough to my
workflow now.
uses: Remove fzf

I'm currently attempting to use zf instead, although fzf is still
invoked by fzf-lua.
uses: Remove Bowers & Wilkins P7

Sent these to electronics recycling - RIP.
Update now page
style: Adjust .build.yml tasks indentation
meta: Cleanup .gitignore
header: Remove theme-color meta tag

These were supposed to be in sync with --background-color in CSS, which
has been removed.
css: Change links to CanvasText by default and accent-color on hover

Unfortunately, without setting these the contrast on the dark blue links
and dark purple visited links in dark mode is horrific. Set these to
match the text (still with an underline) and use the accent-color on
hover (not _really_ needed, but will leave in for now).
css: Remove dotted underlines for links
css: Remove remaining --text-color and --background-color usages

Just use the defaults: blue for unvisited & purple for visited links.
uses: Remove starship

Further trimming down on this section!
css: Use System Colors

Have been thinking about this on-and-off for some time, but the
resurgence of Jim Nielsen's CSS System Colors post[1] pushed me over the
edge of finishing this off. I still like the rams palette but sometimes
it's worth switching things up to see how we like them.

[1]: https://blog.jim-nielsen.com/2021/css-system-colors/
css: Make link underlines dotted by default
meta: Clarify justfile
now: Update "Last updated" and move things around

I hadn't updated this in awhile - tried to figure out if I could
"automatically" do it with hugo, but didn't have much luck figuring out
how to make the single page template. Instead, just update the <time>
manually and add a comment reminding me to update it in the future.
uses: Further tweaks

* Remove bolding
* Remove separate descriptions (most of these are self-explanatory)
* Combine keyboards
uses: Trim down

Don't need the extra headings, macOS details, tmux/alacritty.
meta: Trim down dependencies

I could never quite get these to work how I'd like them to, and they're
a bit more of a hindrance right now. I'd like to go more minimal on the

The only one of these I remember being a real use was stylelint (which
_was_ useful for my limited CSS knowledge), but I don't want to keep a
dependency around that needs to be updated as often as a typical NPM
package. Plus, being on sr.ht, I don't have something like dependabot to
automate this (and I wouldn't _want_ half of my commits to be dependabot

For now, rip off this bandaid. I'm open to adding small, light
dependencies in the future.
css: Define accent-color as variable