restructure a bit
add distance and bearing to target
correct my repo urls to sr.ht
add json tags to LastSeen and LastPosSeen
3a093910 — sungo 2 years ago
more de-wtf-ification
19657d85 — sungo 2 years ago
rehome from git.sungo.wtf to git.sungo.io
a6fa7d4a — sungo 2 years ago
move public structs to library models so I can use them elsewhere
bcc3afc8 — sungo 2 years ago
remove staticcheck
54817930 — sungo 2 years ago
make staticcheck happy
4fd47545 — sungo 2 years ago
go mod support and a switch to staticcheck
efc4e4fb — sungo 3 years ago
docker fu
9631708e — sungo 3 years ago
perhaps overly simple reconnect logic for the sbs server
fe17fb40 — sungo 3 years ago
command line flags for everyone
bac2cb9c — sungo 3 years ago
switch back to dep
6ae9ac62 — sungo 3 years ago
switch seen and posseen to floats and use durations like a normal person
205010f4 — sungo 3 years ago
working code that supports receiver.json and aircraft.json
023ba176 — sungo 3 years ago