fix arrow keybindings on the breeze
eccd52b5 — sungo a month ago
fix GUI/ESC on the breeze
8eb8dbdc — sungo a month ago
preliminary support for the afternoonlabs breeze
build status and note the existence of the firmware zip
automatically build firmware files
turn off mouse keys by default
updated keymap for the lily58
maybe a keymap for the sofle
in rules.mk add the cflags necessary to work on avr-gcc 12 (thanks arch)

See https://github.com/qmk/qmk_firmware/pull/17136/files

This should get fixed in :main soon but until then
remove the now standard rgb matrix settings from the corne config
if we have rgbmatrix, always enable basic anims and keypresses
drop the third layer I never use and replace its MO with the alt key for improved vim magic
for cornes with rgb matrix enabled, increase the speed of the animation
move the other config.h bits into board specific headers
RGBLIGHT_ENABLE is off by default so no need to set it here too
corne keymap update: layer 2 is now shifted versions of stuff
activate bootmagic by default
split the config header for the corne into its own file
iris keymap update
update the tofu keymap