sync corne and lily58 maps with the iris
fixing the build process
on the corne and iris, flip the ralt key to lalt since doom makes them special
update the iris for the new v7 and bring its keymap in line with current
minor tweak
lily58 now matches latest crkbd map
bump qmk to 0.20.5
fix the leds on the corne
corne keymap update to match zmk
better led support for foldkb
LED fixes for the quefrency

I really wish keebio would stop overwriting the default color constants
quefrency keymap
bump qmk rev to 0.20.1
updates for latest qmk
add k's foldkb keymap
license date update
fix arrow keybindings on the breeze
fix GUI/ESC on the breeze
preliminary support for the afternoonlabs breeze
build status and note the existence of the firmware zip