ish v1.1.0 with lots of new features:

- battery hookup via JST instead of solder points
- regular corne compatible TRRS for wired split
- now supports both MX and Choc v1 switches which can be used at the
  same time
- support for an electronics cover has been _removed_ to cram in all the
  new bits
readme update for v1.1.0
switch the ish v1 to use the new library path
move the lib into the root of the repo so everyone can use it
update docs and images for the final ish v1 design
update images and readme for v0.1.0
new v1.0.0 gerbers
undo the trace spacing changes I made to work with the rounding/melting plugin
remove rounded version
update plates to kicad7
version string update
update to kicad7 and tweak the battery pads a bit
gerbers for top and bottom plate
gerbers for ish v1.0.0
revision is now 1.0.0
v0.1.0 gerbers
config sync
bring in switch and bottom plates
fancy rounded version
hopefully rev 0.1.0 with new battery hookup and minor placement tweaks elsewhere