fresh g32
update the readme
set the trigger height to what should be the right value and update calibration based on it
hopefully fix homedelta so it's reliable
update some macros from the live config
rename macros
update the starting macro to properly probe and load the mesh
set the probing dive height back to 10mm
update the tool offset via probing
update M666 and M665 from G32 calibration
shrink the probe and mesh grid a bit
remove the goddamn probe offset
shrink the bed size to 145
set the probe type to 8 as per the docs
redefine the mesh grid size and sync up the json template
shrink the printable area
set the homing speed to something sensible
recalibrate hotened based on proper thermistor values
turn on the hotend fan at 50C
update the hotend thermistor config as per slice engineering